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April 15th added REM @ Budokan,
Atarashii Hito / Drive To The Forest In A Japanese Car @ Akihabara Club Goodman,
Miami / Nine @ Ikebukuro Live Inn Rosa to reviews
April 5th added V.A. "Songs For Nao",
Skyfisher "eco-side 21",
Hanari Kyoko & The Snipers "Crying On The Beach" to reviews
February 26th added Deracine / Idea Of A Joke @ Shimokitazawa Era,
Nisennenmondai / Hair Stylistics @ Shibuya Nest,
The Betes Noires "EPs 1-3",
Bloc Party "Silent Alarm",
The Concretes "The Concretes",
The Earlies "These Were The Earlies",
The Kills "No Wow",
Nisennenmondai "Tori",
Natsumen "Kill Your Winter",
Plus Eight "+8",
Usagi Spiral A "Live At Tokyo-Koenji 20000Volt" to reviews
January 19th added Eel / Maywa Denki @ Kichijoji Star Pines Cafe,
Gruff Rhys "Yr Atal Genhedlaeth",
Alan Smithee "Second EP",
Idea Of A Joke "Idea Of A Joke",
Le Tigre "TKO" to reviews
January 3rd added Model Plants / Skyfisher @ Ikebukuro Live Inn Rosa,
Elevation / The Warm @ Shimo-Kitazawa Mosaic to reviews
added Clear And Refreshing Event BONENKAI to features
January 1st added The Mookees / The Outs @ Musashi-Sakai Statto,
Emulsion / Tsushimamire @ Higashi-Koenji UFO Club,
V/A "This Is Pop!",
Psychon "Apocalypse Has Been Dubbed The Weekend Pill",
Do The Boogie "8 Beat Young A-Go-Go",
Clinic "Circle Of Fifths",
Babyshambles "Killamangiro", to reviews
November 28th added Elevation / Tacobonds @ Koenji 20000V,
Spearmint/Novillero "International Pop Exchange No.5",
Wire "On The Box",
Duran Duran "Astronaut",
Yuki "Hello G'bye",
The Glam "Cleansing Cigarette",
Bloc Party "Helicopter", to reviews
November 14th added Shoot My Disco "Melting On Mon Do",
Miami "Great Composers", to reviews
November 7th added Surf Coasters / Miami @ Shinjuku Marble,
The Warm / Nisennenmondai @ Koenji 20000V, to reviews
October 20th added Buchibuchi2 / Randy And The Pyramids @ Higashi-Koenji UFO Club,
Delicious Sweets / Frottage @ Okubo Hot Shot,
Soul Fortune Society / The Outs @ Kichijoji Warp,
Kegawa No Mari's / Modern Margarets @ Higashi-Koenji UFO Club,
Brian Wilson "Smile",
Neils Children"Change/Return/Success",
Mosquito"Lie LIe",
The Riff Randells "Parties Are My Favourite",
Kegawa No Mari's "Shoki-Meikyokushu",
Franz Ferdinand "Michael",
The Fiery Furnaces "Blueberry Boat", to reviews
October 9th added Clear And Refreshing Event 040927 @ Higashi-Koenji UFO CLUB to features
September 18th added The Students "Zundoko Hyorohyoro",
Nisennenmondai "Sorede Sozosuru Neji",
The Outs "All Black Out!!",
Clinic "Winchester Cathedral",
The Libertines "The Libertines" to reviews
September 12th added Ato/Buchibuchi2 @ Shinjuku Anti-Knock,
Nisennenmondai/Watusi Zombie @ Higashi-Koenji UFO Club,
The Meatballs/Missile Kyodai @ Shinjuku D.O.M.,
The Mookees/The Shagwells @ Musashisakai Statto to reviews
September 4th added The Glam/The Students @ Koenji Showboat,
Ato/Ash On The Street @ Shinjuku Uruga,
Dynamite Family Band/Abunai Nurse @ Hachioji Rips ,
DMBQ/Melt-Banana @ Shinjuku Loft,
V.A. "Rock'n'Roll Summit",
Guided By Voices "Half Smiles Of The Decomposed",
Zoukibayashi46 "2nd Ongen",
The Positives "Yoake",
The Libertines "Can't Stand Me Now",
British Sea Power "A Ghost Is Born" to reviews
August 14th added Fuji Rock Day 3 Rookie A Go-Go,
Fuji Rock Day 3,
Fuji Rock Day 2,
Fuji Rock Day 1,
A.C. Newman "The Slow Wonder",
Wilco "A Ghost Is Born" to reviews
August 2nd added The Glam "Hello Anti-Love",
Clinic "The Magician",
Bloc Party "Little Thoughts",
The Futureheads "The Futureheads",
Sons And Daughters "Love The Cup",
The Hives "Tyrannosaurus Hives",
Kayo "Misuami Heroine",
The MooKeeS "MooKee SHOW!! (Demo)" to reviews

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