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"Tyrannosaurus Hives"  The Hives  Release date: 2004  Label: No Fun/Polydor

The Hives will never make a bad album because they will never be stupid enough to try to be clever. At the heart of what they do lies to a formula so efficient and effective and delivered with such simplicity and wide-eyed belief that criticism merely pings off it like crossbow darts off a Tiger tank. But that's not to say that there's no experimentation at play on this third full album. While "Walk Idiot Walk", "B Is For Brutus", "See Through Head" and "Missing Link" all ply their trade along a similar avenue of 60s garage primitivism, there is also an exhilarating krautrock motorikism (okay, so I made that word up) running through the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion-meets-Queen absurdity of "Diabolic Scheme" and the decidedly new-wavey "Love In Plaster". Other highlights include the XTC-esque "Oohhoohhoohhohh!" backing vocals to "Antidote", the Crampsy freakabilly of Japanese bonus track "The Hives Meet The Norm", and the awesome Motown-with-knuckledusters album highlight, "A Little More For Little You". It's a fierce and unrelenting trip the first couple of spins, but give it a chance and there's a surprising amount of depth. -Ian Martin, Jul.27.04.

The Hives [Tyrannosaurus Hives] 2004 Tyrannosaurus Hives

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