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  V.A. "Songs For Nao" (04/04/05)
  Skyfisher "eco-side 21" (04/04/05)
  The Betes Noires "EPs 1-3" (02/26/05)
  Bloc Party "Silent Alarm" (02/26/05)
  The Concretes "The Concretes" (02/26/05)
  The Earlies "These Were The Earlies" (02/26/05)
  The Kills "No Wow" (02/26/05)
  Nisennenmondai "Tori" (02/26/05)
  Gruff Rhys "Yr Atal Genhedlaeth" (01/19/05)
  V/A "This Is Pop!" (01/01/05)
  Psychon "Apocalypse Has Been Dubbed The Weekend Pill" (01/01/05)
  DuranDuran "Astronaut" (11/28/04)
  Wire "On The Box" (11/28/04)
  Spearmint/Novillero "International Pop Exchange No.5" (11/28/04)
  Brian Wilson "Smile" (10/20/04)
  Neils Children "Change/Return/Success" (10/20/04)
  Interpol "Antics" (10/20/04)
  The Riff Randells "Parties Are My Favourite" (10/20/04)
  22-20s "22-20s" (10/20/04)
  The Fiery Fernaces "Blueberry Boat" (10/20/04)
  Nisennenmondai "Sorede Sozosuru Neji" (09/18/04)
  The Outs "All Black Out!!" (09/18/04)
  Clinic "Winchester Cathedral" (09/18/04)
  The Libertines "The Libertines" (09/18/04)
  V.A. "Rock'n'Roll Summit" (09/04/04)
  Guided By Voices "Half Smiles Of The Decomposed" (09/04/04)
  A.C. Newman "The Slow Wonder" (08/14/04)
  Wilco "A Ghost Is Born" (08/14/04)
  The Futureheads "The Futureheads" (08/02/04)
  Sons And Daughters "Love The Cup" (08/02/04)
  The Hives "Tyrannosaurus Hives" (08/02/04)
  The Magnetic Fields "I" (07/19/04)
  V.A. "I Love Guitar Wolf... very much" (07/19/04)
  The Polyphonic Spree "Together We're Heavy" (07/10/04)
  The Bees "Free The Bees" (07/10/04)
  The Killers "Hot Fuss" (07/10/04)
  Hope Of The States "The Lost Riots" (07/10/04)
  Ikara Colt "Modern Apprentice" (07/05/04)
  ! ! ! "Louden Up Now" (07/05/04)
  Ffa Coffi Pawbx "Am Byth" (07/05/04)
  Plus-Tech Squeeze Box "Cartoom!" (06/26/04)
  Razorlight "Up All Night" (06/20/04)
  Robert Pollard "Fiction Man" (06/20/04)
  The Streets "A Grand Don't Come For Free" (06/12/04)
  Sahara Hotnights "Kiss & Tell" (06/12/04)
  Super Furry Animals "Phantom Phorce" (06/06/04)
  Polysics "Polysics Or Die" (06/06/04)
  Mission Of Burma "ONoffON" (06/06/04)
  Surferosa "Shanghai My Heart" (05/09/04)
  The Privates "Crawdaddy Stomp - UK Toe-Rag Sessions" (05/09/04)
  The Zutons "Who Killed The Zutons?" (04/25/04)
  Modest Mouse "Good News For People Who Love Bad News" (04/25/04)
  The Unicorns "Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?" (04/25/04)
  Blanche "If We Can't Trust The Doctors" (04/25/04)
  The Cribs "The Cribs" (04/25/04)
  Blonde Redhead "Misery Is A Butterfly" (04/03/04)
  Quruli "Antenna" (03/19/04)
  Tommy February6 "Tommy Airline" (03/19/04)
  Love Psychedelico "Love Psychedelico iii" (02/28/04)
  Supercar "Answer" (02/28/04)
  Franz Ferdinand "Franz Ferdinand" (02/24/04)
  The Von Bondies "Pawnshoppe Heart" (02/24/04)
  The Experimental Pop Band "Tarmac And Flames" (02/24/04)
  Scissor Sisters "Scissor Sisters" (02/17/04)
  Mice Parade "Obrigado Saudade" (02/17/04)
  Kaito "Band Red" (02/08/04)
  The Coral "Nightfreak And The Sons Of Becker" (02/03/04)
  Keihan Girl "Sayonara Sanda Bird" (01/22/04)
  Buffalo Daughter "Pshychic" (01/22/04)
  Joel Plaskett "Truthfully Truthfully" (01/07/04)
  Hawksley Workman "Lover/Fighter" (01/07/04)
  Quruli "Joze To Tora To Sakanatachi" (11/30/03)
  The Strokes "Room On Fire" (10/31/03)
  The Electric Soft Parade "The American Adventure" (10/29/03)
  The Bandits "And They Walked Away" (10/29/03)
  Sloan "Action Pact" (10/28/03)
  The Shins "Chutes Too Narrow" (10/28/03)
  The Webb Brothers "The Webb Brothers" (10/07/03)
  Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Sleep/Holiday" (10/07/03)


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