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"Hot Fuss"  The Killers  Release date: 2004  Label: Island

Still feeling a little bit conned by the sorry omission of their hilarious and anthemic live classic "Glamorous Indie Rock'n'Roll" from this American release of The Killers hotly anticipated debut album. Why can't those Yanks just leave stuff alone? Meh. Deep breath, a couple of listens to the tediously titled replacement track "Change Your Mind" have me grudgingly admitting that it's a fine song in a kind of Strokesy sort of way and that it does the disc no particular harm of its own. I get on with the rest of the album

Elsewhere then, synth-crazy electro-sex runs rampant over tracks like "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine" and "Somebody Told Me", the gospel bits on "All These Things I've Done Before" would just sound ridiculous if it wasn't such an awesome, joyous celebration of a song as well, and the old tracks from last years limited edition "Mr. Brightside" EP are still throbbing with all the partially-requited passion and funny-voiced Gary Numan-isms that you need for a great party. The tunes tail off a bit towards the end with "Believe Me Natalie" and "Midnight Show" not quite scraping the sweaty heights reached on the first half of the record, but the pure, wide-eyed, life-affirming good humour of the record as a whole ensures that it stands up again and again to repeated listens. -Ian Martin, July.10.04

The Killers [Hot Fuss] 2004 Hot Fuss

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