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"Apocalypse Has Been Dubbed The Weekend Pill"  Psychon  Release date: 2004  Label: Narrominded/Scarcelight

Psychon's promo blurb proudly lays claim to the redoubtable influences of Prince and Guided By Voices and, after listening to this CD for the last couple of weeks and occasionally being arrested by whispers of something that might be funk beneath the layers of beats and plinky plonky electronic stuff, I've got to conclude that there is a whiff of disingenuousness to this. You know: if you're ripping off Aphex Twin then you make sure you throw everyone off by chucking in a couple of curveballs first. What we've got here, however, is instrumental electronic music with all manner of interesting stuff going on and a smash-and-grab attitude towards different sounds and musical textures. Some of it ("Chairman Of The Bored") sounds a bit like the soundtrack to a piece of tedious performance art but some of it ("Zoom At The Professors") has fuzzy beats and big monster stadium-rock guitars, and some of it ("You Get Paid Helping Churches") sounds a tiny bit like, okay, I admit it: Prince.

For a couple of musicians who usually work in the realm of improvisation, the more structured, composed approach of this new studio project reaps dividends in terms of tightness and focus and the result is a CD that manages the difficult task of being, on the one hand: experimental and eclectic, and on the other: listenable. -Ian Martin, Oct.20.04.

Psychon [Apocalypse Has Been Dubbed The Weekend Pill] 2004 Apocalypse Has Been Dubbed The Weekend Pill

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