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Emulsion / Tsushimamire  venue: UFO Club  place: Higashi-Koenji date: November 26th (Fri)

Opening act The Glam are always at their best when stepping into an atmosphere that's already waiting for them, with their diffident stage manner making it difficult for the still-sober audience to understand how they're supposed to react. Nevertheless, image-wise Tomonii has never been more handsome, and Misaki is rocking a lethal Tommy-Heavenly-as-a-French-onion-seller look. Musically they're in more comfortable territory tonight than they have been in recent gigs as well, with few of the reference points straying too far from their familiar hunting ground of Pixies influenced 4AD stuff, although (and they'll hate me for saying this) if you look hard enough there's a snatch of "Stand By Me" by Oasis struggling to get out somewhere, and a poppy hint of XTC in some of the "Who-oh-oh-oh-ooh!"s, which can only be a good thing.

Next up, and arriving in Higashi-Koenji straight from another gig in Ikebukuro, hard working Tsushimamire are an unstoppable punk-pop blitzkrieg in colourful clothes and big shit-eating grins. The musicianship is brilliant, they rock out in a major Shonen Knife stylee, and they slay the place with an insane "Ume Umai, Tane Dekai".

Emulsion are the last band before the DJs take over for the rest of the night, and they are epic, right from the word go. Calling it "post rock" doesn't do justice to the tightly wound, kinetic, explosive danceability of what they do, with the constantly shifting drum patterns never once compromising on tautness and strength, and the keyboards moving seamlessly between post-punk edginess and psychedelic hammond whirl. In the future, when everyone lives in small pods on Mars, all instrumental, post-genre spacerock will sound this good. - Ian Martin, Dec.26.04.

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