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"Little Thoughts"  Bloc Party  Release date: 2004  Label: Wichita

More traditionally indie follow-up to the recent "Banquet" single, this catchy little number is made distinct from the crowd partially by the yelp-along chorus but mostly by Kele Okereke's melancholic vocal inflections. Over the other side, "Tulips" is the slow song that all British indie bands have, with echoey vocals and jangly guitars, and very nice it is too. However, the real reason to get this is producer Paul Epworth's pounding, four-to-the-floor, disco beast remix of "Banquet" which weds the best bits of the original song to the best bits of New Order and Frankie Goes To Hollywood to create something which is both sparse and mechanical, yet still strangely moving. When the album arrives, I want to see more of this type of nonsense. -Ian Martin, Jul.27.04.

Bloc Party [Little Thoughts] 2004 Little Thoughts

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