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"Spirit Of St. Louis"  British Sea Power  Release date: 2004  Label: Rough Trade/Toy's Factory

Whohoo! New British Sea Power! Double whohoo! Fun-packed Japan only EP! Where can you go wrong? With BSP you can go wrong nowhere, they're great. Although why they chose to write about that isolationist twat Charles Lindbergh and his boring, selfish solo trip across the Atlantic instead of Alcock and Brown, the two British airmen who performed the same trip in more hazardous conditions nearly ten years previously I don't know. Maybe the romance of the solo trip appealed to them more than the brotherhood and camaraderie of the actual first non-stop flight, or maybe it was the opportunity for Yan to yell "Louis Louis! Oh Louis Louis!" over the fade out. Either way, it's a terrific song.

There's some more mellow stuff backing it up, with the poppy "A Lovely Day Tomorrow" and its Czech cousin "Zitra Bude Krasny Den", both featuring the sweet-yet-husky vocals of Katerina Winterova, providing moments of light to balance out the grey, and windswept lead track. "Fakir" stridently rocks that Cossack thing, and the dreamy, psychedelic cover version of Galaxie 500's "Tugboat" closes proceedings in as nice a way as you could ever imagine. -Ian Martin, Sep.04.04.

British Sea Power [Spirit Of St. Louis] 2004 Spirit Of St. Louis

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