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  Hanari Kyoko & The Snipers "Crying On The Beach" (02/26/05)
  Usagi Spiral A "Live At Tokyo-Koenji 20000Volt" (02/26/05)
  Plus Eight "+8" (02/26/05)
  Natsumen "Kill Your Winter" (02/26/05)
  Le Tigre "TKO" (01/19/05)
  Idea Of A Joke "Idea Of A Joke" (01/19/05)
  Alan Smithee "Second EP" (01/19/05)
  Do The Boogie "8 Beat Young A-Go-Go" (01/01/05)
  Clinic "Circle Of Fifths" (01/01/05)
  Babyshambles "Killamangiro" (01/01/05)
  The Glam "Cleansing Cigarette" (11/28/04)
  Bloc Party "Helicopter" (11/28/04)
  Yuki "Hello G'bye" (11/28/04)
  Shoot My Disco "Melting On Mon Do" (11/14/04)
  Miami "Great Composers" (11/14/04)
  Mosquito "Lie Lie" (10/20/04)
  Kegawa No Mari's "Shoki-Meikyokushu" (10/20/04)
  Franz Ferdinand "Michael" (10/20/04)
  The Students "Zundoko Hyorohyoro" (09/18/04)
  The Libertines "Can't Stand Me Now" (09/04/04)
  The Positives "Yoake" (09/04/04)
  Zoukibayashi46 "2nd Ongen" (09/04/04)
  British Sea Power "Spirit Of St. Louis" (09/04/04)
  The Glam "Hello Anti-Love" (08/02/04)
  Clinic "The Magician" (08/02/04)
  Bloc Party "Little Thoughts" (08/02/04)
  Kayo "Misuami Heroine" (08/02/04)
  The MooKeeS "MooKee SHOW!! (Demo)" (08/02/04)
  The Hives "Walk Idiot Walk" (07/19/04)
  Tommy February6 "L.O.V.E.L.Y-Yumemiru Lovely Boy" (07/19/04)
  Randy And The Pyramids "Zuno-Hotel 6 Part 3 (Studio Demo)" (06/20/04)
  Hope Of The States "The Red The White The Black The Blue" (06/20/04)
  Chikinki "Ether Radio" (06/20/04)
  The MooKeeS "MooKee Show! (Demo Cassette)" (06/20/04)
  Nick Drake "Magic" (06/12/04)
  Tommy Heavenly6 "Hey My Friend" (06/06/04)
  The Glam "U'r My Friend (Demo)" (05/15/04) Japanese Translation
  Morrissey "Irish Blood, English Heart" (05/15/04) Japanese Translation
  Bloc Party "Banquet/Staying Fat" (05/15/04) Japanese Translation
  The City Lights "What You Gonna Do?" (05/15/04) Japanese Translation
  Water Skater "Bluesy (Demo)" (05/09/04) Japanese Translation
  Ben Folds "Sunny 16 EP" / "Speed Graphic EP" (04/25/04) Japanese Translation
  Wolfman Featuring Peter Doherty "For Lovers" (04/18/14) Japanese Translation
  Art Brut "Formed A Band" (04/11/14)
  Bonzo's "Bonzo's EP (Demo)" (04/03/04)
  Kama Boiler "Demo Wasureteta (Demo)" (04/03/04)
  The Keys "From Tense To Loose To Slack" (04/03/04)
  Mosquito "Bataashi Hangyo (Demo)" (04/03/04)
  Ponytail "Distract Memory/Koedo Satellites (Demo)" (04/03/04)
  The KIllers "Somebody Told Me" (04/03/04)
  Stellastarr* "My Coco" (04/03/04)
  The Zutons "Pressure Point" (03/27/04)
  Ikara Colt "Wanna Be That Way" (03/27/04)
  Quruli "Rock'n'Roll" (02/28/04)
  The Strokes "Reptilia" (02/24/04)
  The Ordinary Boys "Maybe Someday" (02/24/04)
  Razorlight "Stumble And Fall" (02/24/04)
  Tommy February6 "MaGic in youR Eyes" (02/17/04)
  Franz Ferdinand "Take Me Out" (02/08/04)
  The Neatbeats "Big Red Partner" (01/22/04)
  Tommy Angels "You'll Be My Boy" (01/06/04)
  British Sea Power "Remember Me" (01/06/04)
  Razorlight "Razorlight!" (12/11/03)
  Supercar "BGM" (11/30/03)
  Shack "Byrds Turn To Stone" (11/11/03)
  The Killers "Mr. Brightside" (10/29/03)
  The Strokes "12:51" (10/18/03) Japanese Translation
  The Stands "When The River Rolls Over You" (10/18/03) Japanese Translation
  Blur "Good Song" (10/18/03) Japanese Translation


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