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"Misuami Heroine"  Kayo  Release date: 2004  Label: Kazemachi Records/UK Project

Likeable but unremarkable pop nonsense from enigmatic Polysics keyboard player. If the intention of this EP/mini-album, partly written by Happy End's Haruomi Hosono and Takashi Matsumoto, is to show a different side to the boiler suit clad automaton that we all know and love, then it succeeds. If the intention is to show a more human side then it succeeds only in the sense that humans are, on the whole, crushingly dull. It picks up a bit as it goes along, with Kayo's own "Bokutachi-no-Jikan" a pleasant but watered-down version of the kind of infantile bubblegum that the likes of Aya Matsuura do far better, and Polysics' Hayashi contributing the pretty decent "Midori-Pop-De". The highlight of the album is a fairly straight cover of Eiichi Ohtaki's "Saraba Shiberia-Tetsudo" with Kayo's propulsive synthesizer rumble taking the place of the mariachi guitars. If you ever want to hear the original, then get your hands on Ohtaki's album "A Long Vacation" immediately. It's the Japanese "Pet Sounds" and it's awesome. -Ian Martin, Jul.27.04.

Kayo [Misuami Heroine] 2004 Misuami Heroine

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