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"From Tense To Loose To Slack"  The Keys  Release date: 2004  Label: Too Pure

Jangly guitars, clippety-clop mariachi rhythms, a tune you'll take to the shower with you every morning for the next month. That'll be another new band from Liverpool then... but no. Hang on, I've heard that voice before, what's going on here? Why, 'tis young Matthew Evans formerly of the utterly fantastic Welsh pop troubadours Murry The Hump, my God how I've missed you (Sob!) I forgive you for making me swoon like a Musketeer's mistress every time I heard "Colouring Book", I forgive you for taking four years to come up with any new material, I even forgive you for nicking that riff off The Shadows. The only thing I can't forgive you for is not being the globally lauded platinum-selling star that you so richly deserve to be.

That it's taken so long for these Shins-resembling, pre-Beatles-pop-referencing, magical pop songsmiths to crawl into a noticeable position in a Japanese record shop should be a matter of shame to someone (probably me for not noticing). There's a self-titled album out there somewhere as well which I'd heartily recommend stepping over your own mother to get your dirty little hands on. -Ian Martin, Apr.03.04

The Keys [From Tense To Loose To Slack] 2004 From Tense To Loose To Slack

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