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"MooKee Show! (Demo Cassette)"  The MooKeeS  Release date: 2004

Hey hey, we're The MooKeeS! This is what we like to see, a real demo! Dirty, recorded in a garage, cassette only, just the sound of four people in a room with their amps turned up to whatever will annoy the neighbours the most. The MooKeeS are a garage rock band in the truest sense of the word. Not in the cute hippy way that some Japanese garage bands do it, not even in the ironic (and admittedly brilliant) way that groups like The Hives do it. Just in a simple, primitive, crunching guitar chords and screaming into the mic kind of way.

Of course that said, there's a lot here that will be familiar to anyone who has a passing acquaintance with the Japanese garage scene; the theme song, the songs with Western girls' names in the title, the harmonica, that kind of thing. When Chuck Berry was writing Maybelline, or Buddy Holly was writing "Peggy Sue" there's the chance that maybe there really was some girl somewhere who could stake a claim to inspiring that song. However, when a Japanese band in this day and age sings "Sayonara Nancy", they're not singing about a girl, they're singing about an idea of a song about a girl. Nothing necessarily wrong with that, especially when the song rocks with as much raw energy as this, but for a dynamic young band who can only keep getting better, they have the potential (and on the strength of their live show, the musical creativity) to push their songwriting well beyond parody.

All in all, a storming garage success. A little less respect now, and a little more swagger, these chaps will go far. -Ian Martin, Jun.20.04

The MooKeeS [MooKee Show!] 2004 MooKee Show!

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