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"Lie Lie (Demo)"  Mosquito  Release date: 2004

For a song that by and large avoids such structural cliches as verses, choruses and any kind of comprehensible lyrics, this is really the epitome of everything a pop song should sound like in the new millenium. Shihomi's sugar-sweet keyboards and vocals are counterbalanced by Kaoru's guitar power-bursts and staccato shouting and yet both work together in perfect harmony. The drums drive forward and pull back like waves crashing against a cliff face, and sitting incongruously, yet strangely appropriately at the centre of the piece is John's funkier than funky miniature bass solo. Its all over in two and a half minutes and it just leaves you wondering why all songs can't sound this good. -Ian Martin, Oct.20.04.

Mosquito [Lie Lie] 2004 Lie Lie

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