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Rock'n'Roll  Quruli  Release date: 2004  Label: Speedstar Records

Another profoundly unpromising release from one of Japan's best bands. "Rock'n'Roll" is about as Rock'n'Roll as a sandwich and not even a particularly exciting sandwich at that. A nice guitar riff opens it up but they immediately ruin it with a melody that sounds like it was designed to soundtrack a montage sequence in a whimsical romantic comedy drama. New drummer Christopher McGuire has a sturdy but lumpy presence behind the kit but displays a little more subtlety on B-Side "Sayonara Haru no Hi". Nevertheless, there's not much to recommend this and I just hope that it's a sign of record labels automatically choosing the worst songs to release as singles. -Ian Martin, Feb.28.04

Quruli [Rock'n'Roll] 2004 Rock'n'Roll

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